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  • You are Invited! - The Internet Group SA aims to host 2 - 3 Client Networking and Client Services oriented events per year.

    View the Pics from our previous The Transformation of Mobile Workshop!

    » Client Networking Events: Our purpose with networkingInternet Group SA Client Networking Events events is to allow interaction between the Internet Group Team and Clients with the aim to strengthen business ties and foster functional synergy & interdependence.

    In conjunction with these events, the Internet Group will also encourage Clients to collaborate with one another in order to create and/or enhance business opportunities within the Ekurhuleni Metro and possibly beyond.

    As an added Bonus, The Internet Group SA will also present functional Business Motivation Talks specifically geared to inspire and infuse a positive outlook with regards to the Marketplace, with specific emphasis on The Internet and the opportunities it presents.

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    »  Client Services Events:  With these events weInternet Group SA Client Service Events will take on a more specialised approach, focussing on the Technical aspects of owning and operating a Website, obtaining full functionality from Bulk eMailing Software, and improving the use of software such as Internet Browzers, eMail Clients, Spam Filtering Software, and much more.

    Furthermore, advice and product orientation will be provided with regards to Internet Marketing, the Google Adwords Service provided by The Internet Group, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services, and much more.

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  • November 7th, 2013 - Creating Trust Factors which provide Positive Signals about your Online Business - Enhanced skills for Website Owners with reference to the Expertise & Trustworthiness of website Information!

    » November 7th, Testimonials:

    • Andre Retief - 2013.11.14 - Thank you for Inviting Us!

    Good morning Annika

    I trust that you are well.

    Thank you again for last week Thursday, we enjoyed it and it helps a lot. I just couldn't get to email earlier. But we appreciate it very much that we were invited.

    Thank you and have a great day.

    Andre Retief

    Creating Trust Factors Internet Workshop Photos (Click Icons to View)
    Delegates listen attentively to Jan van Rooyen Food, Glorious Food! Theo explaning everything about Mobile Platforms Jan says, Look what we've got to Offer! Annika opens the Evening and introduces the various Speakers Ashley and Martin listen Attentively
    Sharon is Thinking deeply about this Internet Stuff Wow! That's Powerful stuff you're telling Us! The Internet is Big, really Big! Uhmmm, do you also have a funny looking thing in your Parcel? Yup! Its true. The Internet is a Powerful Medium! OK! I'm ready, tell me more Internet Stuff&
    I'm flummoxed! I've got to re-do my Marketing Strategy Whoops! I thought I knew this Internet Stuff! Are you thinking what I'm thinking? OK, Hold It!! Run that by me again! Hmm, hmmm, I know something you don't! What? He didn't just say that!
    Thank God it's Munch Time! Jan's really trying hard to convince us the Internet works! I'll just imagine I'm on the Beach Jan's flashing Internet Group paper work around. Again! The internet Group SA Workshops The internet Group SA Workshops
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