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New Dimensions in Internet Marketing in 2013 & Beyond
Thursday, 25th July, 2013

  • It gives The Internet Group SA great pleasure to invite you & your colleagues to join us for our "New Dimensions in Internet Marketing in 2013 & Beyond" Internet Seminar!

    The "New Dimensions in Internet Marketing in 2013 & Beyond" event is our response to the recent acceleration of Internet and other Web-based Technologies, how they affect your Online Business and how you can harness these trends in your online marketing efforts to increase ROI (Return on Investment).

    Following are some of the latest Trends & Statistics regarding Internet Growth & Usage in South Africa during the past few years:

Info provided by International Telecommunication UnionWorld Wide WorxInternet World Stats

Year Users Population % Penetration Source
2000 2 400 000 43 690 000 5.5% ITU
2001 2 750 000 44 409 700 6.2% IWS
2002 3,100,000 45 129 400 6.8% ITU
2003 3 283 000 45 919 200 7.1% World Wide Worx
2004 3 523 000 47 556 900 7.4% World Wide Worx
2005 3 600 000 48 861 805 7.4% World Wide Worx
2008 4 590 000 43 786 115 10.5% World Wide Worx
2012 8 500 000 48 810 427 17.4% IWS
2016 29 800 000 55 00 00 plus? 20.0% plus? Guestimate?

Information provided by World Wide Worx

  • Wow! These are just some of the statistics and information we found when doing research for Internet Usage in South Africa. The Internet has a bright future in South Africa, and we believe NOW is the time to gear up and get ready to start capitalising on this growth!top

» More Information about this Event:

  • With this event we are creating a collaborative platform where we work with you in order to begin the process of interpreting the changing Internet Marketing Landscape and how this influences your business. Furthermore, our intention is to assist you in your successful engagement with this very exciting Marketing Medium via tested and proven systems and methods:
    • We will discuss and endeavour to clear up IT related Questions and Issues you may have.
    • Preparations for the next Internet Boom as it pertains specifically to where you are based as well as greater South Africa.
    • What you need to do from your side to make the Internet work for you.
    • How to use Marketing Tools such as Bulk eMailing, Blogs, Google Adwords, and much

» Any other Benefits for attending this Event?

  • Yes, there are! For attending the Seminar you receive the following:
    • Wine, Tea, Coffee, Snacks & other Refreshments.
    • A Gift Pack containing a comprehensive array of Open Source Software which you can install and use on your PC, Laptop or Work-station, as well as some of our other Incredible Products.
    • An Automatic entry into our Draw - Three more Gifts will be given away!


» When, Where and the Cost of this Event?

  • Venue Details:
    • When?: Thursday, 25th July, 2013
    • What Time?: 18:30 for 19:00
    • Venue: Le Chateau Conference Centre
    • Where?: 62 Abel Street, Terenure, Kempton Park - Google Earth
    • Seating: Only 30 (thirty) Seats available! Please Note that we can only accommodate 2 (two) Delegates per Company.
    • Cost: This Internet Group SA Event is offered to you at No Cost!
    • IMPORTANT! We must receive confirmation of your booking no later than 12:00 hours on the 23rd July,
» Event Booking Information:
  • To make your booking today, visit our Online Booking Page or send an eMail to the address below and you will receive all the information relevant to booking for this event:
    • eMail us at:
  • IMPORTANT! Should you not receive a reply from us within 24 Hours, please send an eMail to: or call our office on:
    • 083.215.9373 (Office Hours only!)top
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