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"Increase the ROI of Your Website" Internet Seminar

  • It gives The Internet Group SA great pleasure to invite you & your colleagues to join us for our "Increase the ROI of Your Website" Internet Seminar!

    After the recent so-called Google Farmer/Panda Algorithm Update, a number of our clients were perturbed by the decrease in their website rankings as well as visitor decrease to their respective websites.

    Here are some of our websites which were affected:
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  • Since then, our Search Engine Optimization Specialist has been studying the effects of this update on overseas as well as local Internet Businesses and Websites. He has formulated certain strategies which will benefit anyone desiring to markedly improve the effectiveness of their Online Businesses and

» What is the Seminar about?

  • Now, whether or not your website was affected, the purpose of the seminar is to assist you, our client, and other interested parties to formulate new Online Strategies aimed at improving Website Rankings significantly and increasing ROI (Return on Investment). Some of the topics to be discussed are:
    • Uncovering Myths about the Internet and so-called Money Making websites.
    • How to spend the least amount of funds in order to promote your Online Business for the biggest returns.
    • Little known Secrets and Principles the experts won't tell you about successful Marketing of your Website and Online Business.
    • Websites don't make people Millionaires, its the people behind the websites who employ specific strategies who MAY EVENTUALLY become the Millionaires. What are these strategies?
    • The Internet is about Good Quality Information, not about your products or services. How do you turn this negative into a positive for your advantage?
    • How to set up and use an eMail Marketing Strategy successfully.
    • What is Search Engine Positioning and does your website have to be on the First Page of Google to be successful?
    • Determining and using a Niche Marketing Strategy for your services and products.
    • Simply building and owning a website will not bring visitors and business! What to do, now?
    • How to use Twitter and FaceBook successfully to promote your Online Business.
    • Your Internet Strategy: Planning, Self-Promotion, Advertising Budget, Website Trustworthiness, Your Unique Selling Proposition, Customer Feedback Strategy. How do you do all of this?
    • And much

» Any other Benefits for attending the Seminar?

  • Yes, there are! For attending the Seminar you receive the following:
    • Tea, Coffee, Snacks & other Refreshments as well as a Full Lunch.
    • Comprehensive Notes containing all the topics and subjects discussed.
    • All lectures will be recorded and will be available as MP3's within seven days after the Seminar as part of your Seminar Package.
    • You will receive a free CD/DVD with a comprehensive array of Open Source Software which you can install and use on your PC, Laptop, Work-station,

» When, Where and the Cost of the Seminar?

  • Venue Details:
    • When?: Friday, 29th July, 2011
    • What Time?: 09:30 to 15:00
    • Where?: Le Chateau, 62 Abel Street, Terenure, Kempton Park
    • Venue: Le Chateau Conference Centre
    • Seating: No more seats available!
    • Cost: R1150.00 per Delegate (2 or more Delegates per Company will receive a 10% discount on the total amount of their Seminar Fees)
    • Please note that a booking cancellation fee of 10% will be levied!

» Seminar Booking Information:
  • To make your booking today, send an eMail to the address below and we will send all the relevant information you need to do so:
    • eMail us at:
  • IMPORTANT! Should you not receive a reply from us within 60 minutes, please send an eMail to: or call our office on:
    • 083.215.9373 (Office Hours only!)top
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