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MySQL Customized Database Software Development

» Do you require a Database Application?

   » Databases developed for unique Business/Organisational needs

  • These projects included one or more of the following: PHP, MySQL, MicroSoft™ Access, MicroSoft™ ASP.NET and AJAX, as well as Java™. Incorporated were both the development and commissioning of these projects.

» TIG Database Applications & Projects:

  • Following are some of our Projects which may still be under development or have passed testing phases and are already operational:
  • Engen Barbeque Downs: PHP and MySQL Database providing secure website functionality for the Owner as well as his Clients within his geographical area.
  • Web Directory: PHP and MySQL Database providing website directory functionality for websites from all around the world and searchability within the database -
  • Thalesed Properties: Microsoft™ Access Database to capture data for property developments and then process costings and various other calculations needed. Used primarily for submitting data to the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality.
  • FBNI Business Network: PHP and MySQL Database to provide Blogging Service as well as future planned website directory for ease and speed of information access.
  • On Track Marketing Enterprises: Windows™ Server which is Microsoft™ enabled and allows Members to easily log in, promote their Online Businesses and earn Commission.
» Need a Database Application for your Organisation?

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