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   »»Testimonials & Feedback from our valued Clients««

» Sydney Kloppers - Thank you for your help!

  • Dear Internet Group SA!

    Thank you for your help in helping us recruit a new Candidate Engineer by adding a "we are hiring" page to our website and running a Google Adwords™ campaign. We have been looking for suitable candidates for more than a year, and I proposed that we try running a Google Adwords™ campaign to target possible candidates through their use and activity on Google™.

    I spoke to your SEO about my idea and he implemented Google Adwords™ campaign with our company's criteria for Candidate and Professional Engineers, and within two days the first application was received. One of the applicants that responded to the Google Adwords™ campaign in the first week, landed up being employed by the company. After just more than a month we have had to end the Google Adwords™ campaign and remove the "we are hiring" page from our website, because we are getting too many calls and the company has filled the post with a suitable Candidate Engineer, as we set out to achieve.

    A special thank you to Theo and The Internet Group SA for always giving us top quality service, and I can highly recommend The Internet Group SA for all your Internet Services and Google Adwords™ Campaigns.


    Sydney Kloppers
    IT Manager & Business Owner

» James Bristow - This is really Cool!

  • Theo, this is really Cool!

    Thanks again for all the very hard work you have put out there for me. I really appreciate everything you have done, the office have done, as well as all the cool ideas.

    Thanks for putting up with my "change this and change that", its grand to work with someone that can see into the product and my vision as a training provider... it looks brilliant. I am very happy and I and sure my clients will be too.

    Kind regards

    Business Owner


» Sharon - Thank You!

  • Good Morning,

    Firstly, thank you for your short and sweet opening message.

    Secondly, your presentation on Low Budget Marketing for Your Online Business was very interesting. The information in your speech and the additional reference material you provided were both fascinating and timely. I am full of ideas today and cannot wait to start implementing them.

    Thirdly, thank you once again for always being there for us - Web Design, AdWords, additional support and assistance.

    Looking forward to the next seminar

    Business Ownertop
» Andre Retief - Thank You, We Enjoyed It!
  • Good morning!

    I trust that you are well.

    Thank you again for last week Thursday, we enjoyed it and it helps a lot. I just couldn't get to email earlier. But we appreciate it very much that we were invited.

    Thank you and have a great day.

» Sharon L. Metcalfe - My Dream Come True!
  • Hello Internet Group,

    Wow!!!!!! Wow!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!

    I love it - I'm speechless - this is my dream come true!!!

    Thank you, thank you, I do not know what else to say.

    Yours in Community,

» J. André van Tonder - Great Job Guys!
  • Hi Internet Group

    I recently spent an evening with family and the male has a very flourishing business (they ask large sums for clients to sign up with them).

    He argued that his service provider is making a simple yet effective impact on his "Google" ratings.

    When performed on a "Google Search", his business could not be found.

    When my business was "searched" it produced my business as Number One! (Tonight's result after a Google Search was Number One and Two - About 7,420,000 results in 0.13 seconds).

    It spoke for itself - and I stated my satisfaction with The Internet Group.

    Great Job Guys!

    Kind Regards

    Col. (S.A. Army ST. C. - Ret.) J. André van Tondertop
» Gerhard Leimecke - We are Very Pleased!
  • Hi Internet Group

    The Google Ads Campaign this far has been a great success. We are very pleased with the results and would like to continue with this throughout the year. We would however like to up the amount.

    Gerhard Leimecketop
» Maggie Coetzee - Great Service Provided!
  • The Internet Group

    Dear Team,

    On behalf of the Governing Body, management and the residents, we would like to thank you for the great service provided to us over the years regarding the management of our website. It would definitely be of great help to us, now and definitely for many years coming!!!

    We are so grateful that you have chosen us as one of your charity organizations. You can be sure of our true gratitude for everything that we receive and would only be used in the most positive way at our home!! It adds a smile to each of our special residents' faces!!

    We would like to invite you to come and visit our home and meet our wonderful residents!!!

    Our sincerest thanks

    Maggie Coetzee
    Chief Executive Officertop
» James Bristow - More Traffic through Our Doors!
  • Good day The Internet Group

    I would like to extend my thanks for the professional way in which you handle my business's Internet website, emails and our newsletter.

    I want to inform you that since you have changed my website design, we have had more traffic through our doors and that has resulted in clients buying our training courses. So the percentage of the investment in upgrading our website has turned into actual cash.

    Last year was an aggressive marketing campaign for us, utilizing social media and websites and our news letter, we have had tremendous results and all our clients have mentioned that our website site is user friendly, professional looking, easy to navigate and a pleasure to download our documents for government use in licensing their firearms.

    We are very proud of our website; we do not hesitate to inform our clients old and new to visit our website and join our newsletter and download all they need. Our website has many products, like videos a gallery, loads of information, a map to premises and much more and contact information via email.

    Our current newsletter has made a financial difference in our company, as we can communicate to our clients any information at anytime, it is the most cost effective to communicate and turn this into direct cash into your business.

    We currently send a newsletter to 14.995 learners / clients, it does take a while to go through, but when it does the phone does not stop ringing because you have reminded people to do something about their firearm license and come to check out new products.

    However, with any business acumen and models, you need to be consistent and so send a weekly or monthly newsletter with any new information will keep your business abreast of your competition.

    We would like to thank the staff at The Internet Group and please keep the good work.

    P.S. I personally have referred you to many of my business contacts as to your great work.

    Kind regards

    James Bristowtop
» Janiele van Zyl - Thanks for All the Effort!
  • Dear Internet Group

    Thank you for your good service.

    Your efficiency and well researched suggestions really paid off. Thanks for all the effort you put into helping us grow our business.

    You have become a real asset to our company. We look forward to doing business with you in the future.

    Vriendelike Groete / Kind Regards

    Janiele van Zyltop
» C.J. Jordaan - Website features in Top Five!
  • We have been making use of the services of The Internet Group SA for a couple of years now, and our relationship with them has been pure joy - they've always been very professional and efficient and have done their utmost best to assist when we've had any problems or queries.

    They developed our website and also host it. Best of all, due to their constant and tireless efforts to optimize the websites they've developed, for the keywords pertaining to our business, our website features in the top five in a Google search - this exposure has led to numerous opportunities for our business to expand.

    Yours sincerely

    C.J. Jordaantop
» Eddie Pake - A Fresh Breeze dealing with You!
  • Please allow me to thank you and the team at The Internet Group SA for the wonderful job you did setting up our website. Not only did you deliver as promised but your fees compared to others were far more reasonable.

    Having had endless problems with other website developers with either just returning my calls or to make any progress it was quite a fresh breeze dealing with you.

    Please also thank the others for their friendliness and promptness, we will surely recommend your services to others.

    Best regards

    Eddie Paketop
» Ps. Mathebula - Site provides Relevant Info!
  • I would like to commend you and your fellow colleagues on a job well done. My staff and I love the new website. We have had only good feedback about it.

    Up until we met you we had had a challenge to get the website up to date. Now the new website provides relevant information and is easily found on the World Wide Web.

    We will definitely let people know of your great product and friendly service.


    Pastor S.C. Mathebulatop
» Sydney Kloppers -   ...only Good Things to Say!
  • We have only good things to say about the service The Internet Group SA has given us up to date.

    Our website was previously designed and maintained by another company, yet we were not happy with certain aspects of the website, including the way it was optimised for Search Engines.
» Johan van Rooyen - We're absolutely Astonished!
  • Our website was originally designed by The Internet Group SA and has recently been updated and partially redesigned.

    We are absolutely astonished at the extremely positive and complimentary reaction of both trade suppliers and customers. It has drawn many new customers both in South Africa and overseas.

    We can recommend The Internet Group SA without hesitation.

    Johan van Rooyentop
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