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The Transformation of Mobile - How to Market to the South African Mobile User - Thursday, 24th April, 2014

  • The Internet Group SA Development Team invite you & your colleagues to join us for our "The Transformation of Mobile - How to Market to the South African Mobile User" Internet Workshop! (View Photos from our Previous Event)

    This Workshop intends to bring disclosure on how deeply Smart Devices are infiltrating South African society. The statistical fact that more than 70% of Smart Phone users will not leave their homes without their device, proves that this is a clear and definite market for Website Owners to investigate! Interested? Subcribe to our "News and Events" Newsletter in order to receive updates.

» Topics of Interest to be Discussed?

  • Here are some of the intriguing points we will examine & analyze:
    • Understanding the Evolution of SA Mobile Users.
    • Mobile Devices are awake 24/7 & closer to Us than Family.
    • Almost 50% of People will give up TV rather than their Smart Device.
    • Influence of Smart Devices on Consumer Behaviour.
    • More & more People are using Smart Phones for Product Searches.
    • Increased Mobile Device usage while engaged with other Media.
    • Almost 90% of Mobile Users act on Information searched for.
    • More Mobile Device Users look for Local Info than before.
    • Mobile Devices change Shopping Behaviours.
    • Mobile Devices are emerging as Points of Purchase.
    • How you as the Advertiser can connect with Mobile Device Users.
    • Smartphone usage increased by 40% in 2013.
    • And much more...


» Any other Benefits for attending this Event?

  • Yes, there are! For attending the Seminar you receive the following:
    • Wine, Fruit Juices, Snacks & other Refreshments.
    • A "Goodie Bag" containing an assortment of interesting Gifts & Surprises.
    • An Automatic entry into our Draw - Three more Gifts will be given away!


» When, Where and the Cost of this Event?

  • Venue Details:
    • When?: Thursday, 24th April, 2014
    • What Time?: 18:30 for 19:00
    • Venue: Casa Caritas Conference Lapa
    • Where?: 7 De Villiers Street, Terenure, Kempton Park - Google Earth
    • Seating: Only 30 (thirty) Seats available! Please Note that we can only accommodate 2 (two) Delegates per Company.
    • Cost: This Internet Group SA Event is offered to you at No Cost!
    • IMPORTANT! We must receive confirmation of your booking no later than 12:00 hours on the 23rd April,

» Event Booking Information:

  • To make your booking today, visit our Online Booking Page or send an eMail to the address below and you will receive all the information relevant to booking for this event:
    • eMail us at:
  • IMPORTANT! Should you not receive a reply from us within 24 Hours, please send an eMail to: or call our office on:
    • 083.215.9373 (Office Hours only!)top
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